Travelling to Europe can be so easy

Applying for Schengen visa for Europe includes:


Visa Appointment

A visa appointment is needed in order to provide all documents required for your Schengen visa application.



You need to provide proof of acommodation and arrival as well as returnal flight for your trip to Europe.


Schengen Insurance

You need an insurance that meets the requirements of Schengen regulations.

Your visa for Europe is only a few steps away!


General Information

For most travellers, visiting Europe requires applying for a Schengen visa. The visa application for a Schengen visa is complex and requires the applicant to prepare a lot of different documents and reservations in advance. The following things must be prepared to ensure a successful Schengen visa application 

The Schengen area

The following countries are members of the Schengen area:

Austria France Latvia Norway
Belgium Germany Liechtenstein Poland
Czech Republic Greece Lithuania Portugal
Denmark Hungary Luxembourg Slovakia
Estonia Iceland Malta Slovenia
Finland Italy Netherlands Spain
Sweden Switzerland
The following countries are members of the Schengen area:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland


To prove that you can cover any costs connected to accidents, insuries etc.

There are a lot of different service providers and insurance businesses. For most people it is really hard to understand the different packages and most of all, the pricing. We know what package is needed and work with professional schengen insurance specialists to provide the best Schengen insurance.


To prove that you already planned a trip and your intent to return

Authorities want to make sure that every visitor also intends to leave the Schengen area again. To prove that you really want to return again, you will have to provide Itinerary. This includes flight and hotel reservations. With our reservations, you are good to go for the application process. They are temporary and will be cancelled after you receive your visa.


To get interviewed and hand in your Schengen application

For most countries, there are several locations that offer visa interviews and the filing of a Schengen visa application. We know all locations and pick the one that is right next to your current location. We book an appointment that either suits your personal schedule or the earliest possible one. You decide! 


What You Get

Frequent Updates

Notification about your application status via email. Make sure to keep your mobile device near you. Most of the time we are delivering the approved documents within 24 hours.

Group Pricing

If you intend to order the visa service for several people, you can contact us and tell us about it. We will then apply group discount and make sure you benefit from trusting us!

Emergency Safety

Have trouble with your documents or visa application?You can contact us at any time and our professional customer support will help you with every problem connected to your application

Precise documents

We will send you all documents via email as PDF files. You will receive the Itinerary, your reservations and your approved appointment (depending on what you ordered) ready for printing.

Additional benefits

There is even more benefit when ordering our service! You are a returning customer and want to benefit from returning customer bonuses? Contact us prior your order and we will make sure to give you a discount!

A service you can trust

We have a lot of experience in dealing with Schengen visa applications. Reduce your personal stress and save time by ordering our service. You will receive everything you need within the shortest amount of time possible!