Choose your Schengen insurance

Choose your Schengen insurance

Choose your Schengen insurance

About the Schengen insurance

What is a Schengen insurance?

A Schengen insurance is a travel insurance that covers the requirements of the Schengen visa process. To receive a Schengen visa, travellers must proof that an insurance will take over the costs of repatriation, medical treatment etc. Without a valid proof of being insured for the Schengen area, travellers will not receive a Schengen visa!

Why do I need a special insurance?

Schengen states (almost all European countries) want to ensure that travellers are able to pay all health and emergency costs themselves. Without insurance, the cost of medical care and the like would be borne by the host country. The Schengen members therefore demand that the guests have a Schengen insurance in order to reduce the costs on their side.

Who checks if i am insured or not?

If you need a Schengen visa to enter Europe and the Schengen area, your application process will sooner or later require you to visit a visa center, an embassy or a consulate to hand in your application along with all requried documents. This is where authorities check on your insurance status. You will have to provide a valid insurance certificate that is covering your trip from the first until the last day. If you can not provide a certificate, your visa application will not be processed and you won’t be able to receive a visa.

Are there any special requirements?

Anyone can get a Schengen travel insurance. Depending on your age and the duration of your trip, costs will vary however, there are no requirements for eligibility.

About AXA

Schengen insurance by AXA

AXA is one of the biggest insurance companies world wide. With insurance models for almost every insurance case and due to the fact that AXA has been operating for decades, this insurance company for sure knows what is important when it comes to travel insurances. To target a broad audience, AXA offers several packages for each insurance. This makes AXA the perfect insurance for individuals that need to fit the travel insurance in to their travel budget.

The ordering process for a Schengen insurance by AXA is straight forward and easy to complete. You will have several options to select or de-select which will result in a change of the overal price you are going to pay.

Repatriation is important to you, while coverage of hospital treatments are less important to you? You can expect AXA to give you an oportunity to customize the insurance in the exact way you want it.

Our result:

AXA is the perfect insurance for individuals that have an idea of what their insurance should cover and what might be unimportant. This will ensure you to end up with an insurance that is compareably cheap but at the same time specific and high quality.